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Conference: ke∂ja Oslo – Dance and New Media

On Monday 12 October AHO will hold the third day of the ke∂jaOslo conference, a Nordic-Baltic conference on dance and new media.

The conference focuses on how new media create intersections between dance and other arts and disciplines, and what kind of opportunities and challenges this entails. Terms such as interaction, movement, body, and performativity have differing meanings, uses and connotations in the various fields. At the same time, technological advances enable new communications using physical movement,  and we have a design field moving into that of the choreographer.The program at AHO is based on the designer’s experience and relationship to movement and performativity, as well having a focus on how dance artists work with video projection and film, and we look at the collaboration of artists, designers and technology companies.Speakers for the day are Anthony Rowe, Stuart Jones, Alexander Refsum Jensenius, David Hinton, John Ashford, Helena Jonsdottir, Niklas Rydén, Asa Richardsdottir and Atle Barclay. Moderators are Hélène Lesterlin, Dragan Klaic and Ghislaine Boddington.

The conference in general takes place on Dance House and the KHiO, City Performing Arts.

At the conference opening launches AHO and Dance Information: Program to Perform – Exploring Dance and New Media. The publication is a collection of texts written by internationally established scholars and artists working in dance, interaction design, visual arts, and music: Johannes Birringer, Amanda Steggell, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Ghislaine Boddington, Anthony Rowe, Stuart Jones, Georg Hobmeier og Marie-Claude Poulin.

The publication was jointly edited by Ine Therese Berg, MA Theatre Studies, Project Manager and Curator, ke∂jaOslo & Lise Amy Hansen MA RCA, PhD Research Fellow, Institute for Design, AHO.

It will be launched at the official opening of ke∂jaOslo conference, Saturday 10 Oct  16.15 Dance House Norway.

There are also workshops with Johannes Birringer, in collaboration with Atelier Nord 5-9 October, and performances related to the conference theme in the direction of the CODA-Oslo International Dance Festival. Parts of the program is open to the public, including installations and short film program in the foyer of the Dance House. More info.

Organisers are Dance Information Norway in cooperation with AHO, Dance House, KHiO, CODA festival, and Atelier Nord.

The project is supported by the EU’s Culture and Education Programme, Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturkontakt Nord,  Norsk Kulturråd,  Oslo Kommune and Fritt Ord.

More information about the program can be found on the conference website

  • Date: 12.10.2009
  • Time: 00:00 – 00:00 2009-10-12T00:00:00.0000000 2009-10-12T00:00:00.0000000
  • Venue: Dansens Hus, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo og Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo
  • Contact: Lise Hansen (AHO), Ine Therese Berg (prosjektleder Danseinformasjonen)
  • Phone: 23 70 94 40 (Dance Information)
  • E-mail:
  • Website: